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Manage users

Allows you to manage all registered website users. Options include:

  • Edit user
  • Activate/Deactivate user
  • Disable/Enable user
  • See public profile
  • Block user
  • Delete user
  • Add a new user - takes you to Add new user page, where you can manually register a new user.

You can also search filter users according to many parameters. Just click on "Show filters" right left to the search box and refine your search.

Users search filters.png

User settings

Allow you to manage user settings like the following:

  • Users enabled
  • User validation enabled
  • User registration enabled
  • Notify admin when a new user registers
  • Username blacklist


In case your classifieds website is managed by various people, you might want to create different access data for each of them. That might improve managing your website in case it gets more and more traffic each time.

You can also control the permissions the users have in your administration panel. You can choose between administrator and moderator. Administrator has access to the entire admin panel, while moderator can only modify listings, comments , media files and see statistics.

Just click on "Add New" administrator and introduce admin’s name, username (used when accessing the dashboard), email address and password (no worries, the admin can change it later on). As mentioned, you should also choose between administrator and moderator option.

You can easily remove all the administrators and moderators of your classifieds website that you’ve created before by choosing “Delete”.

Want to see this feature in action? Watch our video tutorial!

Your profile

This page is only visible for Administrators. Here you can edit your name, username, email and password.


You can see and manage the alerts set by users on your website. You'll see a list of users with the following information:

  • Email address
  • Subscribed alert (keywords or categories)
  • Date of subscription
Users manage alerts.png

Ban rules

Thanks to this feature you can set extra rules to avoid spamming or publishing ads by users with defined email or IP addresses.

You have two options:

1. Ban users with certain emails addresses (to do so, click on “Add New” and fill in the ban name – that’s only for the internal use. Add email starting with “*”, for example: if you want to ban users with “hotmail” addresses you should introduce *
2. Ban users by IP addresses (click on “Add New”, fill in the ban name for the internal use and add IP address ending on “*”, for example: 192.168.10-20.*).
Users ban rules.png

Please keep in mind that ban rules prevent users to register, publish or comment on listings. You can add new rules, edit or delete already existing ones any time from your dashboard.

Want to see this feature in action? Watch our video tutorial!