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Import data

  • You can modify your database to add, remove or modify its data here. It's usually used to import countries, regions and cities. Remeber that the file format must be always .sql.

Backup data

  • You can back up Osclass here. You can choose either to backup SQL (on server or to download the file) or to backup all files (on server).

WARNING: If you don't specify a backup folder, the backup files will be created in the root of your Osclass installation

Upgrade Osclass

  • Your Osclass installation can be auto-upgraded. Please, backup your database and the folder oc-content before attempting to upgrade your Osclass installation. You can also upgrade Osclass manually, more information in the admin.

Location stats

  • You can recalculate your location stats. This is useful if you upgrade from versions older than Osclass 2.4.

Category stats

  • You can recalculate stats by category. This is useful if the stats seem to be incorrect.

Maintenance mode

  • While in maintenance mode, users can not access your website (but you can). Useful if you need to make some changes on your website. Use the following button to toggle ON/OFF maintenance mode.