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This page shows several statistic about your website for the following metrics:

  • Listings
  • Reports
  • Users
  • Comments
Stats screen.png

All of them can be filtered according to the following time intervals:

  • Last 10 days
  • Last 10 weeks
  • Last 10 months


  • This page shows several statistics about listings/ads, including:
  • Number of new listings
  • Total number of listings' view
  • Number of new alerts
  • Number of new subscribers


This page shows statistics about the total number of reported listings. Reported reasons include:

  • Spam
  • Repeated
  • Bad category
  • Offensive
  • Expired


This page shows several statistics about your website users, including:

  • New users
  • Users per country
  • Users per region
  • Latest users on the website
  • Average listings per user


  • This page shows the number and the content of the latest comments posted on your website.